1. Dionysus- Dionysus was the god of wine. In recent day Bulgaria there is a wine tour through the city's cellers named after him.

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2. Jupiter- Jupiter was once the god of mountain tops. It is now the largest planet.
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3. Nike- Once the goddess of winning is now a sports company.external image Nike-800.jpg

4. Gaia- Was once the wife to Uransus and mother to many gods, is now called Earth and is a planet. Hence the saying (mother earth).

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5. Apollo- Apollo the god of music is now the name of a space shuttle.
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6.Mercury- Mercury the messenger of the gods, was once used in thermometers.
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7. Hades- Hades(Pluto) was once the god of the underworld is now a dwarf planet.
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8.Trident- Trident which is a 3 pronged spear that Posiden carried around with him is now a brand of gum.
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9. Saturn- Saturn was once the god of agriculture now it is a type of car.
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10.Titans- Titans were once a type of god now it is the name of the football team in the famous movie Rember the Titans.
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