AT- Traces

1. Hades- Pluto is named after hades because hades is ruler of the underworld and he can be harsh at times. pluto is like him because it is the coldest dwarf planet from the sun and pluto is a devil name.

2.Ares- Ares was the roman god of war and mars was named after him because
Mars is red and red is the color of violence.
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3.Poseidon- Poseidon had a movie named after him because the movie was about a ship that got flipped over by a huge wave and it is related to Poseidon because he was the god of the sea

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4.Apollo- the Apollo Theatre was named after the roman god Apollo because Apollo was the god of music and they play music a lot at the Apollo Theatre

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5.Hermes- The Hermes Group is named after Hermes because he delivered things and so does The Hermes Group
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6.Aphrodite- Brides are a trace from Aphrodite because Aphrodite was the god of love and to marry someone you must love them
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7.Nike- Nike was a winged goddess of victory who could fly and run at great speeds
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8.Hera- The Hera space progam was named after the Roman God Hera, the space progam is by NASA
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9.Demeter- The Demeter Fragrance Library Inc. was named after the roman god Demeter
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10.Bacchus- the restuarant Bacchus is named after the roman god Bacchus of wine

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