1......Titans- The children of Uranus and Gaea were called the Titans. The Titanic, a large ship that hit an ice burg in the early 1900's, is named after them
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2. -----Uranus- Uranaus was the first god. He was married to Gaea. His children living children were the titans. Uranus today is a planet.
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3. -----Jupiter- Zeus's Roman name is Jupiter. Zeus is the god of the mountain tops and sky. Jupiter is also a planet.
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4. -----Apollo- Apollo was one of the sons of Uranus and Gaea. Appollo was a space shuttle.(Apollo 13)external image 139726main_Apollo_11_hires.jpghalfbyte.spaces.live.com
5. -----Tartarus- Tatarus was a place torture. Mythical creatures were sent there to be punished. Tartar Sauce is named after this place because it puts you taste buds through torture.
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6. Nike is the goddess of war. Today it is a sports wear brand.
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7. -----Gaea- Gaea was Uranus's wife and the titans' mother. The prefix "geo" comes from Gaea's name.
external image geography.jpg (geography for example.)
8. -----Trident- Trident was Posiden's roman name. It is now a type of gum.

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9. -----Europa- Europa was a maiden that Zeus supposedly, gave 3 sons. Europe is named after her.

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10. -----Oceanus- Oceanus was the Lord of the River-Ocean. The oceans are named after him.
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