Under this link you are to post your entries for your assigned Greek God. Please follow the rubric, which is attached below. Please post your PowerPoint assignment below the two examples by naming it your first initial, last initial, and then the God (JMzeus) or (JMhera) for example.


To begin with your Powerpoint, you must first create a PowerPoint. This program is located on your computer under the START -> PROGRAMS -> MICROSOFT OFFICE -> POWERPOINT. This might be different for your computer at home.

To insert a new slide on your PowerPoint, click INSERT -> NEW SLIDE.

  • To upload your PowerPoint, first place the cursor where you want it to post on this page (down at the bottom).
  • Then click EDIT THIS PAGE, and then up top there is a picture of a landscape / hill with a sun. Click on UPLOAD FILE. Then browse your folder to upload your file.
  • To insert your PowerPoint, double click it.

You must comment on at least 5 of the PowerPoints in the discussion board, as well as peer edit a God whom you have been assigned. Again, make sure your initials are attached to your posts in order to receive credit.

List of partners & Gods/Goddesses:
  • Aprhodite - LS, GP
  • Apollo - JK, CE
  • Ares - JLu, MT
  • Artemis - CDa, MH
  • Athena - AH, LS
  • Zeus - AP, PM
  • Dionysus - TH, JP
  • Hades - AT, JLe
  • Hera - CDi, KB
  • Hermes - JB, ZA
  • Poseidon - DL, TM
  • Demeter- BS, KM

Criteria your Greek God / Goddess Project should include:
  • A title page
  • Background information
  • Resume - which includes an objective, education, experience, and honors / awards. Links for building a resume are located at http://www.jobweb.com/Resumes_Interviews/default.htm
  • Poem - should be at least 6 lines; poem will be based upon the traits of your god/goddess. Use this link for help - http://www.poetry4kids.com/index.php
  • Bibliography - cite the pictures you used in your presentation in bibliographical format, as well as the websites you used to obtain the information.