Please post your "Traces from Greek Mythology" project below in such a manner, as I use the example from the notebook:

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2. Titel the new page with your Initials - Traces, like this JM - Traces.
3. Set up all the traces in such a manner:
4. Play with the fonts & alignment if you'd like.
#. EXAMPLE - Description. Explanation/Connection. Small Picture (with site link). Then use the horizontal rule (A / A button above) to separate your listings.

Please make sure that you email me ( when you are finished posting all 10 of your relations.

1. AJAX - A Greek warrior in the Trojan War; he cleaned up Achilles' body in the battle by carrying it back to the Greek camp after his death. Hence, we have Ajax cleaner, which is used to clean up messes around the house.

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