If I Were a God or Goddess...


Project Directions:

1. Click on the add "New Page" button on the upper left hand corner of this screen.
2. Title the new page "First Initial Last Initial - If I Were..." like this - ZA - If I Were...
3. Complete this phrase: "If I were a god / goddess, my name would be _ because (insert explanation). I would rule the _ with the powers of and protect from the __.
4. Insert a picture associated with you, a new Greek god.
5. Points will be rewarded for completion and also creativity. For example, if it makes no sense, you will lose points!

If I were a god, my name would be "Bo" because it's only 2 letters long and I often take the path of least resistance. I would rule the Language Arts workbook with the powers of highlighting and protect subjects and predicates from the run-on sentences.