Using a wiki is really easy!

  • First thing you need to do is click "EDIT THIS PAGE" at the top left of this white area.
  • Type all of your text in the text box when you edit. You can format the font by using the bold, italics, and underline options as well as the color and sizing options on the left.
  • Then you can bulletize, number, and separate text.
  • Next you can add hyperlinks to other pages, remove them, or add images and documents (tree button).
  • To add a document or image:
  1. Click the button that looks like a landscape.
  2. Click "Browse" and then search for the file on your computer.
  3. Click "Upload"
  4. Then double-click the file or image as it appears between all the letters and "Upload New File"
  5. Then you can resize or move the object on this page.

To create your own If I Were a God or Goddess or Traces from Greek Mythology Project, click on New Page (upper left hand corner), use a dash, and then title it with your initials and the title of the project (examples: JM - If I Were A... or JM - Traces)

Then click on that page in the left hand column and edit!

To comment on your fellow classmates' wikis, click "DISCUSSION" at the top of that respective page (not this page).

It's that easy.

Just make sure that you cite your sources (both images and research)... This is crucial to ensuring you aren't caught plagiarizing.

Now - WIKI!